Shutdown pquest 2003-08-02 14:47:53: Report Shutdown for pquest

vlordi at vlordi at
Sat Aug 2 02:47:54 PDT 2003

Wafer broke -- After season etch, while trying to load 2nd wafer, the LOAD function did not work (just pumped down LL, then stopped), so I pressed START and replied YES to load wafer, but I guess the PQuest thought there was already a wafer inside and tried to unload, so the pins went up and before I could stop it, my wafer shattered against the pins.
This sample is VERY important to me. I would appreciate it if any pieces with metal rings on them could be recovered, and returned to me. Thank you very much.
PS- With ericp's help, I was able to get the load arm out of the chamber, but we were no able to close the gate valve, so we left the machine with the LL pumped down and purged with Ar. Also left the turbo running.

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