Comment pquest SNF 2008-01-17 13:45:33: New Reservation Limit on pquest

mtang at mtang at
Thu Jan 17 13:45:34 PST 2008

Dear pquest User Community:
This is to inform everyone that effective immediately, there is a new reservations policy at pquest.  Advance reservations are limited to four hours per day during prime time, no more than one week in advance.  Prime time is 8 am-6 pm.  The change has not yet been made on Coral, but until it is, any reservations that exceed this is subject to deletion. 
Please remember this is a shared tool and to be considerate of others' use -- give advance warning (a week?) to others in the user community if you make long reservations, even if off-hours.  And be willing to work with each other in sharing access as needed.
Thanks for your attention!

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