Comment pquest SNF 2009-05-28 19:41:04: Update

cbaxter at cbaxter at
Thu May 28 19:41:04 PDT 2009

Jim M bench test the original rfpp generator into a dummy load
and he said it was ok. Installed back to the tool and using clean
o2 recipe, we could not strike plasma due to high reflective.
Disconnect rf cable from match to generator and found the coax
connector is loose and shorting out to the cable ground braid.
Changed rf cable, did the same test still could not strike plasma.
Opened rf match and found the rf copper connector to air cap
was loose, tighten connection and run the same test this time
it finally strike plasma with 2 watts reflective. Run the o2 clean for
30mins and rf is stable.  Will vent chamber and start assembling
clamp and lifter assembly..

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