Comment pquest SNF 2010-10-20 15:09:53: Chlorine vs Fluorine weeks

mtang at mtang at
Wed Oct 20 15:09:53 PDT 2010

Hello pquest users --
I've been informed by a patient user that we missed fluorine week last week (week of Oct. 11) and instead are well into the third week of chlorine.  The problem was that I didn't flip the sign.  My bad.  My apologies.
Going by the rules, the next fluorine week starts Monday.  But to help out this labmember and anyone else who may have been patiently waiting for fluorine week, I'd like to propose that starting fluorine week a little early, Friday at noon (say) instead of next Monday.  The next chamber clean/chlorine week would be Monday, Nov. 1.  Would any chlorine users be terribly inconvenienced by not having dedicated chlorine this weekend?  If so, please let us know.
I'd also like to ask:  would a Google calendar indicating fluorine versus chlorine weeks help?  Let me know.
Thanks for your attention --

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