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Helen L. Kung hlkung at leland.Stanford.EDU
Mon Apr 17 21:17:47 PDT 2000

Dear Users

Here is the present state of the Plasma Quest
1. The plasma quest is up and running
2. No Grease is allowed in the machine
3. There is one wafer carrier for everyone to share on top of the pquest
4. That wafer carrier is getting extremely scratched up and dirty as more
people use it.  (We should think of a way for everyone to have their own.)
5. Attached is a word document on how to make that type of wafer carrier.

Specials notes about making this wafer carrier
1. Do not use indium wire or any bulk indium only use plated indium.  That
way the total indium thickness is not too large so it will not squish out
when the rail and the wafer are pressed against each other.
2. Make sure the rails do not exceed the dimension listed else the wafer
will not be able to flex
3. Make sure to leave a ring of 0.4" around the wafer where no rails touch.

As for the cost of making the wafer, the SNF committee presently does not
want to pay for the cost for each user to make their own carrier
wafer.  They would like us first to investigate other options that might
be less expensive.  Their thoughts were that we might be able to use some
sort of Epoxy to glue the rails on instead of plating and bonding

Len's concerns with epoxy are:
1. It does not out gas
2. It does not have hydro carobons
3. It does not have Sodium
4. Can withstand at least 150 C

If you think you have an epoxy that might work e-mail Len (booth at snf) and
ask Jim Mcvitti (mcvittie at snf) about if the materials in the epoxy might
be effected by the plasma.

If you have any questions about how to make an indium plated wafer carrier
e-mail me at hlkung at leland.stanford.edu

Helen Kung
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