Nitride testing

Matthew A Pelton pelton at
Thu Mar 22 13:43:51 PST 2001

  As I mentioned in an e-mail to most of you before, I would like to test
out nitride deposition in the PlasmaQuest.  Since nobody has objected,
here's my plan.  On Friday, Len will open the machine and wipe down the
walls, so that they're clean to start with.  The chamber will pump down
overnight.  Over the weekend, I will do several test depositions of thick
nitride layers, with cleaning plasmas run afterwards, as I would if I were
doing real depositions.  I will run test etches of GaAs both before and
after the nitride runs, to make sure the etch conditions are the same,
looking in particular at etch rates, cleanliness, and sidewall quality.
On Monday, Len will reopen the chamber and look at the walls to see
whether they are clean.  The system will then have to pump down for a
while again before it is usable.
  This means that I will be dominating the machine for a few days.  If
anybody has objections to this, please let me know, and I will reschedule.
I chose the weekend because I think it will cause the least overall
inconvenience, but I am (somewhat) flexible.  Also, if anybody has
suggestions about the test processes, that would also be appreciated.

                                        -- Matt Pelton

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