Plasma Quest status July 16

Len Booth booth at
Tue Jul 16 16:04:45 PDT 2002

	The cathode assembly has been reassembled,
and I have been starting to adjust the wafer
transfer & clamp components.  The system video
monitor is showing it age, and I will try to
find a replacement while we get the machine up
and running.  I still have a couple of hours of
time to check out all the subsystems, and get
the etch chamber pumped down & leak checked.
	Please be aware that for a month, I am
the only maintenance person for the etch equipment
(Cesar is on vacation) so my effort is frequently
redirected to other broken equipment.
	If final adjustments go well, I hope to
have the Pquest ready for some process testing
this Friday (7/19).  I will post updates as
the system nears completion.

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