Pquest status Thursday 7/18/02

Len Booth booth at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jul 18 15:07:42 PDT 2002

	The process chamber is under vacuum
and the turbo pump is running again.  I have
had some problems with the interlock wiring
that has made restarting the turbo pump 
difficult, but I am getting information from
the factory service folks on this.  I still
need to finish leak checking the etch chamber
& testing the chuck heating/cooling, RF,
& microwave systems, before process testing
can commence.  Wednesday next week is a 
likely date to look for process testing.

	I have noticed that there are small 
leaks through the turbo gate valve & the
turbo roughing valve, and several other valves
need to be checked.  We can start running the
machine while these leaks are small, but time
will need to be scheduled to repair them 

	In going through the manuals for the
Pquest, it seems we do not have any electrical
schematics.  This has made repair & troubleshooting
a bit challenging.  I have asked the factory for
a quote on a complete set of schematics.


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