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Vijit Sabnis vsabnis at snowmass.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jul 30 16:38:55 PDT 2002


Since it looks like the pquest does not have any major leak
issues, I recommend opening the machine up for use.  At this
point we will probably learn more by having people try their
various etches and monitoring the performance and etch rate
of their process.   I suggest that everyone try to be more
conscientious about writing down the etch rate and any
other observations in the log book.  

- vijit 

> PQuest: Ramp down turbo and vented chamber. Turn off backing pump,
>         disassemble and cleaned foreline and roughing valve. Varify
>         both foreline and roughing valve if leaking by, I open the
>         slit valve and turn on purge and backfill valve. Monitor
>         foreline pressure and no rise on pressure encounter. Eric and I
>         varifty leak rate on chamber:
>         L/R with foreline and throttle close is @1.4mt per min.
>         L/R with foreline close throttle open is 0.0mt per min
>         L/R with foreline and throttle close, load lock vented
>         is @1.4mt per min.
>         I don't believe there is any significant leak on the
> chamber.          
>         We also cleaned slit valve sealing surface and cycled lifter
>         assy. up and down during leak check to varify that lifter
>         bellow is not leaking.
> Cesar

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