Pquest Chlorine flow rates

Len Booth booth at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Jun 19 13:34:55 PDT 2002

All -
	One of the on-going problems with our
Plasma Quest has been non-reproducable Chlorine
flows.  With flows around 2 or 3 sccm, some days
etches work as expected, and some days not.
The nominal full flow for the Chlorine MFC is 
43 sccm.  I have noticed a significant day-to-day
zero-drift with all of the MFCs on this machine, 
but it has a most noticable process effect on 
very low flows.
	I would like to find out from everyone
what are the largest Chlorine flows being used.
If you use more than 10 sccm of Cl2, please send
me an e-mail describing the 
	recipe name & Cl2 flows used.

	If everyone is using low Cl2 flows, it
may be appropriate to change the Cl2 MFC to a
smaller size, to improve low flow performance.
			thank you,

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