PQuest Reservation Restrictions

Jim McVittie mcvittie at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Dec 9 15:54:19 PST 2003


The dividing of the week into lll-V and non-lll-V use periods seems to be
working ok. The one complaint I have is that some people are reserving
inordinate amounts of time on the tool during the non-lll-V use period. To
give everyone a fair chance at getting time on the time, I propose that we
limit the early reservations to a maximum of 12 hrs over the 3day use period
each week and a maximum of 4hrs of early reservations during prime time (9am
to 9pm) on any of the three days. During the last 24 hour, I propose that
there be no restrictions on making reservations.

For now, I am not proposing any reservation restrictions during the III-V use

Feel free to let me know your opinions on this proposal.

    Thanks,  Jim

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