PQuest Reservation Restrictions

Randall True true at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Dec 17 14:11:58 PST 2003


The division of the Pquest usage is NOT working ok for me. It has cut my
rate of progress significantly. I can only do one etch session per week
instead of several. And, despite the fact that you say you haven't heard
any complaints, I am not alone.

>From discussions with other non-III-V users, NONE of us are happy with the
situation. In fact, we are very unhappy with it. You crammed 2/3 of the
usage into 3 days, one which is a Sunday. We voiced our opposition
when you first made the decision, so you should know very well that we are
not satisfied. Since you didn't bother to actually ask anyone if things
were ok, I'll take this as an invitation to keep complaining.  

Another thing you could do is look at the reservation history. On Monday
and Tuesday of this week, the Pquest was booked ALL day. Now, on
Wednseday and Thursday, nothing, not a single reservation. It is typical
that the Pquest is booked much, much more on the non-III-V days. It is not
right to have the non-II-V users scrambling for time, making them come in
on Sun or work late nights when the machine sits mostly idle for the rest
of the week. Last week, during the 3 non-III-V days, 5 users used the
pquest for 24 hrs total, and during the 4 III-V days, 2 users for 8 hours.
The week before, the 4 III-V days had only 1 user for 6 hours. Is that
fair and reasonable?

Plus, we already have a reservation policy during the non-III-V days. If
you'd even talk to your own staff members (Henry), you'd know that.
Declaring your own reservation policy without consulting anyone just
confuses the situation. Which one are users suppossed to follow now?


On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, Jim McVittie wrote:

> PQUsers,
> The dividing of the week into lll-V and non-lll-V use periods seems to be
> working ok. The one complaint I have is that some people are reserving
> inordinate amounts of time on the tool during the non-lll-V use period. To
> give everyone a fair chance at getting time on the time, I propose that we
> limit the early reservations to a maximum of 12 hrs over the 3day use period
> each week and a maximum of 4hrs of early reservations during prime time (9am
> to 9pm) on any of the three days. During the last 24 hour, I propose that
> there be no restrictions on making reservations.
> For now, I am not proposing any reservation restrictions during the III-V use
> period.
> Feel free to let me know your opinions on this proposal.
>     Thanks,  Jim

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