PQuest Reservation Restrictions

Mark Wistey wistey at snowmass.Stanford.EDU
Wed Dec 17 22:19:25 PST 2003

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Randall True wrote:
> From discussions with other non-III-V users, NONE of us are happy with the
> situation. In fact, we are very unhappy with it.

The III-V people pooled their money and bought a nice dry etcher, and
they're letting you have 43% of the time on the machine.  If the
existing situation is so untenable, and if there are as many people as
unhappy as you say, it should be easy for you to pool all your money
and come up with your own machine.

On the other hand, the mysterious problems the "high-aluminum AlGaAs"
users were having were mysteriously solved when the week was split.
This was about the simplest, most effective way of resolving user
conflict that I've seen.  Your complaints are that you have to work
on Sunday.  My complaints were that I lost irreplaceable samples, for
reasons that nobody could explain, on a machine that my group
significantly paid for.  Enough said?

 - Mark

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