PQuest Reservation Restrictions

Alireza Khalili alirezaa at stanford.edu
Fri Dec 19 11:02:14 PST 2003


I don't agree with Mr. True's report of the usage of the machine. three 
weeks ago when I wanted to use Pquest, it was completely booked in the 
III-V days, so I ended up using the machine on SUNDAY, when none of the 
non-III-V users had even reserved the machine.

there are very few III-V machines in the fab, and for other processes III-V 
people have to go to Santa Barbara or other places to do their work. 
meanwhile, one machine that works well is now about to be limited to only 
two days for III-V use. I remember that one of the options we had from the 
very beginning was to ban all non-III-V processes; but none of us wanted to 
do that because we understood it'd be pretty hard for some non-III-V users 
who had spent a lot of time on that machine.

So, I think it would be unacceptable to further limit III-V usage, simply 
because certain non-III-V people don't like to work on Sundays... As Mark 
said, the bottom line is that the machine was bought for III-V processes 
and their needs should be addressed first.


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