Reservation Time

Henry Phan hphan at
Fri Jul 11 17:49:52 PDT 2003

Pquest Users,

There seems to be some confusion about the reservation policy on the
Pquest, so I'd like to clarify the situation.

GaAs/Non-GaAs Week Split:
GaAs etching can be done during the Non-GaAs days (Sun, Mon & Tues), but
reservations for GaAs etching are not allowed during this time and it is

generally discouraged because of the high usage by Non-GaAs users.

Reservations limits during the Non-GaAs days:
The 10hr reservation limit is a total limit, including prime and
non-prime time. There are only 72 hours per week availible, and one user

cannot reserve more than 10 hours for the 3 days. If you do not follow
this rule, I will delete your reservations. Please follow the rule.
Note: you can use the machine for more than 10 hours/3 days, just not
reserve it.

_ _ _ _
Henry Q. Phan
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 146, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
hphan at

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