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I never said I would dictate any policy on the PQ. The PQ has always been a III-V
tool with
the III-V users setting the policy from day one, subject to being consistent with
the general SNF policies. I have always viewed my role for this tool as an advisor
since I am not a user. Originally, the III-V users were very fussy about who used
the tool and would let in very few non-III-V processes. Over the last few years
with the graduation of key students, who took very active ownership of the tool,
the gate-keeping of the tool has relaxed and more non-III-V processes have gotten
into the tool.  This is partly my fault for not demanding that a more active role
by the III-V users and for not foreseeing that this was heading for a collision.
On the other hand, it has been clear for a long time, that SNF needs a general
purpose Cl base etcher, and by default the PQ has started to fill this need. We are
now at the point were the III-V users realize that the tool needs more active
management if they want reliable processes.  As I pointed out in my previous note,
the III-V users have requested that the use of the tool be divided up over the week
into III-V days and non-III-V days. Their request was approved at last week’s SNF
senior staff meeting. It is now a matter of working out who will get what days. In
the longer term, we need a general purpose Cl base etcher. The second Lam etch may
be able to fill this roll but it needs a lot of work to get running.

    Thanks,  Jim

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