Poll on Use of PQuest at 200C

Jim McVittie mcvittie at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 3 13:56:16 PST 2003

PQuest Users,

I have 2 users, who would like to treat their samples in a H2 plasma at
temperatures between 200 and 250C. The PQuest should be able to do this
since it was designed to do PECVD as well as etching in that it has a
heater in the wafer check. Right now we have no written procedures for
going above 90C and there is a question about how high of a temperature
the Vespel wafer lift pins can take. As for the Vespel pins, I am still
checking to see which type of Vespel was used for making them. The
mechanical properities for the lowest grade Vespel are good to 280C.

If the all currents materials in the system will allow going to 200 or
250C, what is your opinion of allowing these users to use the PQuest in
this mode?  Right now I do not believe their will be a problem but we
have not used the chuck heater for a number of years.

    Thanks, Jim
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