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This from a note I sent to David Goldhaber-Gordon.

I have not done any GaNor GaAlN etching but here are my thoughts. I expect
that we should be able to etch your samples in the PQuest etcher. GaCl2 has a
boiling point of 201C, which is
relatively high and means that you will need high ion bombardment and
temperature to
etch GaN with Cl2. I suspect that you will need a chuck temperature of at
80C. For increased ion bombardment, you will need to add Ar. To etch into the
GaAlN, you will need BCl3 which will keep the Al from oxidizing. Along with
the Ar,
you will probably want a medium ERC power (400W) for ion flux. To control the
peak ion energy to around 100 eV, you can star with an bottom bias power of
W at a operating pressure of 2 mT. For initail gas flows, I would try 5 or 10
sccm of Ar,   10 to 20 sccm of BCl3 and 5 sccm of Cl2. If you again get no
etching, I would up the chuck temperature to 100C and up the bias power to
200W. You also increase the ion flux by incresing the top ECR power. Note that
the high bias power and temperature will be hard on your resist.


Hung-Tao Chou wrote:

> Hi!
> I tried to etch GaN by the PQuest but couldnt etch it at all. Does anyone
> has tried to etch GaN in CIS or has any recipe on using the PQuest to etch
> GaN?
> Best Wishes,
> Hungtao
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