microwave reflected power problem

Kai-Mei Camilla Fu kaimeifu at stanford.edu
Fri Sep 26 16:03:32 PDT 2003

I posted this on coral, but thought many might not be regularly checking
coral right now.  Today I had a strange problem that maybe others have
dealt with?  No matter how many times I minimized reflected power, in the
next full recipe run, the reflected power would hop back up to 50% and the
plasma would not ignite.  I could then minimize again, but the same thing
occurred.  I tried using other users settings and dfattal worked twice,
but then when I tried it on my actual sample the same jump in reflected
power occured again.  Finally I ending up just minimizing it by hand and
trying to do this as quickly as possible not to affect my etch so much.
Let me know if others have seen this, have suggestions, know what is going

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