Request New User to use PQuest for Al Etch

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Fri Feb 6 09:54:19 PST 2004

Pquest Users,

Ed Ward, who is an industrial user,  has requested to use the Pquest to
etch Al with a PR mask on Si wafers. He can not use the P5000 since his
wafers have Pt and Pr (praseodymium) under the Al and SiO2. The reason
he can not use the P5000 is because it is CMOS clean tool and we have no
contamination data on Pr. He has been using the MRC for etching Pt layer
but his Al layer ( 2000A) is too thick for a MRC sputter etch. During
his Al etch only PR, Al and SiO2 will be exposed to the plasma.

In the last 18 month three different users have used the Pquest to etch
Al, so I do not see any process or new materials issues. In the logbook
KVAP, Sigari and CarlAl are listed as Al etch processes.

I am inclined to let him use the tool. I believe he only wants to do a
few runs and the etch times are only a few minutes.

    Thanks,  Jim
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