Request New User to use PQuest for Al Etch

Luigi Scaccabarozzi scaccag at
Sun Feb 8 13:25:34 PST 2004

if he is using only Cl2 or BCl3 that's fine with me.

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Jim McVittie wrote:

> Pquest Users,
> Ed Ward, who is an industrial user,  has requested to use the Pquest to
> etch Al with a PR mask on Si wafers. He can not use the P5000 since his
> wafers have Pt and Pr (praseodymium) under the Al and SiO2. The reason
> he can not use the P5000 is because it is CMOS clean tool and we have no
> contamination data on Pr. He has been using the MRC for etching Pt layer
> but his Al layer ( 2000A) is too thick for a MRC sputter etch. During
> his Al etch only PR, Al and SiO2 will be exposed to the plasma.
> In the last 18 month three different users have used the Pquest to etch
> Al, so I do not see any process or new materials issues. In the logbook
> KVAP, Sigari and CarlAl are listed as Al etch processes.
> I am inclined to let him use the tool. I believe he only wants to do a
> few runs and the etch times are only a few minutes.
>     Thanks,  Jim

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