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Luca.Plattner at hitachigst.com Luca.Plattner at hitachigst.com
Tue Mar 1 11:53:07 PST 2005

Dear PQuest users

As an industrial user of the SNF facility I am not able to monitor the 
performance of the tool as easily as some of you may be. Last time I used 
it, 2/11/05, I noticed that the backside He cooling gas flow had been 
rising sharply for some days. Does anyone know whether the tool is 
currently operating properly?

Also, is anyone willing to show me how to use the laser monitor and 
explain its capabilities? Please.

Thank you,
Luca Plattner, Ph.D.
San Jose Research Center 
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
650 Harry Road 
San Jose, CA 95120
phone  +1 408 323 7432
fax         +1 408 323 7010
email    luca.plattner at hitachigst.com
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