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The PQuest chamber has a volume of 75 liters. With this vol a leak rate of
3mT/min is equal to a 0.3 sccm flow rate of air or 0.06 sccm of O2 into the
system. I am not sure exactly what leak rate would affect you process. Your
BCL3 flow of 10 sccm will most likely remove most  of the O2 and H2O from the


Luigi Scaccabarozzi wrote:

> HI,
> I run the leak-check and the pressure rose up to 3 mTorr in 1 minute
> (usually 1 mTorr). Also the ECR power at some point dropped to 2/3 of the
> requested value, also a symptom of a leak.
> I reported the problem on coral...
> The machine is usable, you may etch with some air in addition to your
> gases...
> Gigi
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