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Mark Wistey wistey at
Tue Oct 4 19:12:59 PDT 2005

There seems to be some confusion for new users of the PlasmaQuest as 
to the usage of new processes on the machine.  We apologize that the 
old process policy apparently never make it to the PQuest Processes 
web page, and apparently new trainees are not being made aware that 
they need to get prior approval for any new process or recipe.  The 
policy can also be found in the PQuest mailing list archive (July 
We will make sure the current operating policy is posted to the web 
page, and included in PQuest training, and that SpecMat is aware of 
the restrictions on the machine.  If our more explicit policy (from 
Mike's email last week) is approved, it will be posted as well.

Without further ado, here is the operating policy as of 2003:

>Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 09:55:29 -0700
>From: Jim McVittie <mcvittie at>
>Organization: Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
>To: pquest at
>Subject: Deleting Old Processes on PQuest
>PQuest Users,
>Thanks for senting me your PQuest processes. Now that I have all the
>current processes, I am going to start deleting all the old processes
>that are no longer being used. Any process that has not been sent to me
>by THIS FRIDAY ( 5pm July 11) will be considered a new process and will
>need to get my approval being able to be run on the PQuest. Only
>processes that I have recieved will be kept on the PQuest. Over the
>weekend, I will send out a list of all the current approved processes.
>Running unproved processes will be ground for being removed from the
>PQuest user list.
>     Thanks,  Jim McVittie

The form to request a new process OR recipe is here:

And here's the start of the split by days of the week.  As Seth 
pointed out during today's meeting, setting aside Sun-Tues for 
"dirty" silicon processes does not mean "any" silicon process.  In 
other words, even existing processes may be restricted in the future 
if they are found to interfere with the primary purpose of the 
machine (GaAs/AlGaAs etching), even if they're performed Sun-Tues.

>Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 13:36:26 -0700
>From: Jim McVittie <mcvittie at>
>To: pquest at
>Subject: PQuest Time Split
>Pquest Users,
>Here is where things stand on slitting the use of the Pquest over the
>week. We will start out with a 4/3 split and see how well it works. The
>III-V users will get Wed-Sat and other users will have
>Sun-Tues. Since it is already on Monday, I propose we start the III-V
>period on Thursday of this week with them only getting 3 days on their
>first period.
>     Thanks,  Jim McVittie

Jim McVittie also posted a nice summary of process separation from 
Applied Materials.  Today's meeting seemed to have some confusion 
about the difference between polymerizing (low-oxygen) and 
nonpolymerizing (high-oxygen) plasmas.

I would encourage all users of the PQuest--particularly new users who 
may not be aware of the machine's history--to read through the email 
list archive from time to time.  Sometimes new users run into a 
problem which was identified and solved by another user years ago. 
Or it may just be helpful to understand the reasoning behind the way 
things are today.
					 - Mark

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