Etching fused silica wafers in PQuest ECR etcher

Nickolai Belov nbelov at
Mon Sep 12 16:01:21 PDT 2005

Dear PQuest user,


I would like to etch fused silica wafer at PQuest ECR etcher.

The wafer is 4" with SEMI standard flat. Wafer thickness is 500 um.


I consider two options of doing that:


Option 1 

Mount fused silica substrate on a silicon carrier wafer using small
pieces of Kapton tape and etch the fused silica wafer this way.

Kapton tape will not go under the clamps in the system and will not go
to the back side of the carrier wafer.


Option 2

Etch fused silica wafer without carrier wafer.


Concern with the first option is overall thickness of the stack (about 1
mm). Most likely this thickness is ok.


Concern with the second option is breakage of the fused silica wafer due
to clamping in the chamber.


I incline to the first option as it is safer.

Please, let me know if you have any relevant experience /

If I don't have definite response then I'll try to find answer either in
the PQuest documentation or contacting the manufacturer.


With respect


Nickolai Belov


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