Etching fused silica wafers in PQuest ECR etcher

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Mon Sep 12 17:23:10 PDT 2005


The PQuest is not an oxide etching tool. Its primary purpose is to etch
III-V materials. Since
there is time available on the tool, processes compatible with III-V
etching are allowed. The
III-V etch processes in the tool are all Cl based. All the SiO2 etching
processes that I am
familiar with are F based.  There are problems in mixing Cl and F  bases
chemistries in the same tool. In particular, F compounds and F based
polymers on the chamber walls tend to depress the etch rates of Cl based
etch processes.  This means that chamber needs cleaning and
reconditioning after the use of F.  While it is not that hard to get the
chamber back after a short F based process, a long oxide etch will be a
problem. Especially, since we do not have an easy way  of determining
when the chamber conditioning is back to where it should be.

If you want to proposed an oxide etch for the PQuest, I am willing to
discuss it with the PQ III-V users. I am doubltful, they will allow it.


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