PQuest Procedural Change

Nickolai Belov nbelov at nanochip.com
Mon Apr 10 14:05:58 PDT 2006

Dear Ed,

Being a member of the PQuest community for about a year, I have not
received any information (no e-mails and no verbal messages) regarding
the "request of the PQuest User's community" you are referring to in
your e-mail.

Can you provide some more information regarding the discussion that
leads to separating the month into the proposed three-week and one-week
As of now, it looks like, the discussion took place behind the back of
at least some part of the PQuest user community?

On another topic...
In response to your e-mail from March 23 regarding regular cleaning of
the PQuest's chamber, there was a request to describe the cleaning
procedure in order to make sure that all users are familiar with it and
do not have objections. I have not received any response from you. If
the suggested procedure for cleaning of the PQuest chamber exists,
please, e-mail it to all PQuest users.

Please, do not ignore this e-mail.

PQuest users,

Please, respond if you either agree or disagree with the proposed change
in the schedule.

I disagree both with the proposal of separating the month between
Cl-based and F-based chemistry and, especially, with the proposal of
chamber cleaning once a month.

Frequent cleaning of the chamber may affect the tool and old recipes
will not give the same results as before.
Besides, the cleaning procedure and post-cleaning conditioning of the
chamber is unknown.

With respect

Nickolai Belov
PQuest user (industrial group)

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Subject: PQuest Procedural Change

PQuest Community,

In response to the PQuest User's community, we will be separating the
between chlorine and fluorine etch chemistries.  The request is for ~3 
weeks of III-V chlorine etch and ~1 week of fluorine etch.  Following
fluorine etch week, the chamber will receive a wet clean, before being 
released for the chlorine etches.  I will reserve the clean days for the

next several months on Coral.

Calender days 1st through 22nd are for chlorine only chemistries.

Calendar days 23rd through the last day of the month are for fluorine

Chamber wet cleans will be done on, or near the first of every month.

In order to accommodate the wafers currently in process, this change
be instituted beginning May 1st.


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