III-V etch run survey in PQuest

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Tue Apr 11 13:10:45 PDT 2006


Recently, I have gotten a number of reports that the III-V etching in the
Pquest has been giving lots problems. To understand what is going on, I
would like to have a meeting with all the III-V users of the Pquest.
Before having this meeting I would like to get the details of all III-V
etches done in the PQuest since Feb 1 of this year. So if you are a recent
III-V user of this tool, can you please send me the following info on each
recent run you have done in the Pquest.

	Thanks, Jim 

Research Gp:
Process file name:
Pre-etch chamber cleaning and conditioning/seasoning details:
Etch times:
Mat'l etched:
Sample: Size? Area exposed? Mask Mat'l? 
Carrier wafer: Bare Si?  PR covered? Ox covered? Other?
How was sample bonded to carrier wafer?
Etch results:  Good?  If bad, give details of what was wrong? 

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