Dry etching of Al or Ag film

Jim McVittie mcvittie at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Mar 1 16:34:15 PST 2006


You should be directing you PQuest requests to the PQuest users. There is an
Al etch process already on the PQ. See Carl Faulkner for details. As for
etching Ag, there is no process process on the PQ. If you come up with an Ag
etch process, you would have to get approval before you could try it. I am not
aware of any plasma etch processes for Ag. Like Au, I do not believe there are
any volatile Ag products to build a etch process around. Probably the best you
could do with Ag is a sputter etch process with some enhancement with the
addition of Cl2.


Hideo Iwase wrote:

> Dear labmembers;
> I would like to etch silver or aluminum film in PlasmaQuest. Does anyone
> have experience of that?  I would be grateful if someone would let me know
> the etching conditions for these films.
> Details of my experiment are as follows;
> material of film: Al or Ag
> thickness of film : 20-100 nm.
> Mask : PMMA (t=300 nm)
> substrate: GaAs wafer
> Patterns: Ph.C-like (a =250 nm, ƒ³ = 50-150 nm)
> Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
> Best Regards;
> Hideo Iwase.
> Vuckovic group in Ginzton Lab.

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