PQuest Preventive Maintenance

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Wed Mar 22 13:50:38 PST 2006

PQuest Users,

Does the PQuest community want the SNF staff to schedule regular preventive 
maintenance on the PQuest chamber?

A month ago Ceser cleaned the PQuest chamber after we received some 
complaints on repeatability of an etch process.  Apparently, this had a 
very positive effect on the user's etch.  The SNF staff would like to take 
on more responsibility in maintaining the chamber condition, if it is 
agreeable with the PQuest community.  I'm told that manual cleaning of the 
chamber is very unpleasant.  The proposed approach would mix in manual 
chamber cleans along with evaluation of a shutdown-chamber clean recipe 
similar to what Elmer added to the AMT etcher.

We will plan on implementing a preventive maintenance program unless we 
hear objections from the PQuest user community.  We are also looking for a 
champion to help us design and evaluate the effects of any preventive 


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