PQuest Monthly clean scheduled for Tuesday 9/4

jim kruger jimkruger at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 12:58:20 PDT 2007

Because of the  holiday weekend, the Monthly clean of
PQuest will not be done until Tuesday, 9/4.

  I propose that PQuest remain in "Fluorine" mode
until the clean.  Several Fluorine users will benefit.

Reminder:  Use of F containing recipes is allowed only
the 21st to the end of each month.  The system is
cleaned the first work day of the next month and
Fluorine containing recipes prohibited again until the

As always, Chlorine containing recipes are allowed
during "Fluorine" days if the user is not concerned
with the possibility of F contamination.

An Oxygen clean is always recommended before a
seasoning with the desired recipe.  I recommend
"Oxygen3" for about 10 minutes.  This is enough to
stabilize plasma color and tuning.  ~10 minutes is
enough because the high power heats the system to
"hotter than your recipe" will get.  The high O2 flow
allows any de-sorbed gases to pump out more rapidly.

The longer, lower power, lower O2 flow Oxygen cleans
may be less effective and do take more time. 


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