Pquest Usage History

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Fri Jan 26 09:49:02 PST 2007


I am off campus today and soon will be out of email contact.

I did this yesterday.  I know the two people who used the system 
while Pradeep was running the samples.  I have talked to both of 
these groups this year, on different matters regarding the 
pquest.  One was directly related to what recipe they were 
running.  I was reassured it has been their standard recipe they have 
been running for years.  The other is from an optics group who 
indicated how well the system and etches have been performing since 
we segregated the weeks.

The reason I keep asking for which days where Pradeep saw the 
problem, is so I can go to them with data.


At 09:31 AM 1/26/2007, shabbir.bashar wrote:
>Hi Ed,
>Please see attached a couple of screen shots of PQuest Usage 
>history. It sounds like someone who used the PQuest between the 4th 
>of and January and the 13th may have used Freon.  I cant go any 
>further back on the Pquest history using remote Coral.
>Hope this helps.
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