PQuest RF situation

jim kruger jimkruger at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 15:03:15 PST 2007

Yesterday afternoon, EricP and Ray stepped in to help
out since Cesar and Elmer were tied up with other down
equipment.  They determined that the RF supply was OK
in manual mode, even when it was not functioning
correctly under control of the PQuest.

After the interface connectors were re-seated, the low
RF/Bias problem seems cured.  I saw no problems during
a training session this morning.

New symptom:  The RF seems now to interfere with the
on-screen temperature reading.  Fortunately, that is
of no consequence since the temperature control is
external.  You can ignore this.

Bottom line:  Use PQuest as usual, just keep a close
eye on the fwd RF and the voltage.  Report if
different from expected.

Jim Kruger

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