my pquest experience this morning

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When I tried to run this morning I found that the backside He flow was high (11 sccm), my DC bias was ~1/3 what it normally is, and when I unloaded the test wafer it was rotated on the holder.  I didn't run my real sample.  Elmer said he will work on the clamp springs now.

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I've encountered the sensor problem not sensing clamp down on almost every run (1 dummy + 4 wafers.)
Good thing is the unloading problem didn't appear to happen again...I ran high temp etching (chuck temp. 80-140C) but I always cooled down the chuck temp to ~50C to start unloading.


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I was able to do 2 successful runs (plus 1 dummy), but noticed 2 minor glitches:
1)  After the first clampdown, the sensor did not sense the clamp was down
2)  When unloading every wafer, I noticed that it still "pops" out of the groove, but fortunately, not enough to push it off the pins.  Suggest users watch every unloading process carefully because the wafer could still fall off the pins

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