Laser Voltage Multimeter

jim kruger jimkruger at
Fri Mar 28 13:50:10 PDT 2008

NEVER use the B/L button (back light) on the Multi
meter.  I shortens the battery life dramatically (to
dead in less than 1 hr).

Always turn off the meter and the Laser supply (rocker
switch in the back) when you are done.  Just closing
the computer lid is enough, no need to log off.  (Log
on is GUEST, pw= just RETURN.)

I try to leave a floppy disk near the system.  Use it
to copy your files, then transfer to your flash drive
at one of the "microscope cammera" computers  (e.g.
near Sun Staion 12 near WBnonmetal) and return the
floppy for others to use.

One other hint: once you have a laser voltage above
about 4 volts, push the R-H (Range Hold) button on the
Multi meter to avoid auto-ranging. AutoRange might add
a glitch to your beautiful laser trace, rendering it
unpublishable.  Be very careful not to hit the B-L by
mistake or the battery will be dead before you know


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