Pquest fluorine, late Aug/early Sept

Jason Matthew Parker jaypark at stanford.edu
Tue Aug 31 18:11:07 PDT 2010


Oh, that's great news. Thanks.

I will schedule time later this week for a fluorine recipe run and hope I don't curse the machine by doing so.


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  The next scheduled clean should be next Monday, September 6th, so you 
should be ok for the remainder of this week.


On 8/31/2010 5:51 PM, Jason Matthew Parker wrote:
> Hi pquest users,
> I got bumped out of doing my fluorine-based process in pquest twice because of two red lights and was curious if anyone required the clean chamber on Sept. 1st. If not, might we delay the chamber clean beyond the 2nd?
> If anyone already signed up was counting on the cleaned chamber, I'll defer and wait for the next fluorine week. Please email me saying as much. In that case, could someone verify the first day in September I'm allowed fluorine? The sign didn't flip much the last few weeks and I want to confirm it's every other week and not the end of the month.
> Thanks,
> Jason

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