Flourine week and policy EXCEPTION next week

jim kruger jimkruger at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 12 07:17:23 PST 2010

This is Fluorine week.  Monday of the first and 3rd weeks are Wet Clean followed by Cl2 only ( i.e. no F) until Tuesday of the following week.

EXCEPTION .  Because of the Holiday on Monday, the clean will be on Tuesday so exclusive Cl use starts Tuesday night this time.

As always, Cl2 is OK any time if there is no concern for a possible F memory.

 Sputtering of metals is never permitted and use of easily sputtered metal hard masks e.g. GOLD, must be approved (or not) EACH TIME.


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> HI
> Is this the Flourine week? I always thought it is the first
> week of each month. Please let me know.
> Thanks
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