resist burning

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Oct 27 12:08:52 PDT 2010

Hi Noureddine --

Could you provide a little more information about your process?

- Which recipe (gas flows, pressure, power, bias, etc.)
- How long is the etch?  How deep?
- Pieces or wafers?  If pieces, how are they mounted?
- Have you always had resist burning or was it just the last two times 
you used this recipe?  When were your etches done?



Noureddine Tayebi wrote:
> Hi all,
> Did anyone have a problem with 3612 resist burning in p-quest?  I'm using a recipe based on Cl2 I used before that worked well to etch Si but it's burning my resist. This is the second time it's happening. Let me know if anyone has any suggestion on what is happening.
> Thanks
> Noureddine

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