BCl3 replacement

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Tue Nov 1 10:36:06 PDT 2011

Hi all --

Apologies for the short notice.  As you know, after much cycle purging 
the BCl3 cylinder installed a few weeks ago had finally been qualified 
for the standard P5000 metal etch, but because of the earlier issues, 
we've had some lingering doubts about its integrity.  A replacement 
cylinder has arrived and will be/is being changed out today.  The gas 
line and tool manifolds will be purged of existing gas, just to be 
sure.  A metal etch qualification will be run in p5000etch and this will 
qualify the cylinder. We do not have a formal qual procedure for the 
pquest, so pquest users' feedback would be appreciated.  For pquest 
users, there's a regular chamber clean scheduled for this Friday morning 
which should reset things back to as good as we know; if the pquest user 
community needs a clean sooner, let us know.

Lastly, there's always the possibility that this new cylinder has 
problems.  After all the discussions with our suppliers, I hope to 
goodness not, but their recent performance leaves something to be 
desired  -- we will keep you posted.

Thanks for your attention --

Team Etch

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