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Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Jun 6 13:33:13 PDT 2002

Hi all --

Just wanted to summarize the important issues from our staff meeting
yesterday (in order of importance).

1.  Happy Birthday to Mahnaz!  And many thanks to Jeannie for the lovely

2.  REU's are coming!  Mike presented the preliminary schedule.
Everyone should have received the updated version by now.  As for the
lab training, in addition to the standard safety training, there will be
three additional training modules:

- First module (required for all students):  Lab practices and wafer
handling.  This will cover:
             Gowning/cleanroom practices
             Wafer and cassette handling
              Use of microscopes
- Second module:  All Litho training.  This will be the standard module
that Uli and Mahnaz administer.  This will not be required of all
- Third module:  Hands-on Litho.  This will give students an opportunity
to witness/participate in the complete photoresist process.  This also
will not be required of all students.

Action items:
- Update procedures and design a written test for gowning up and
cleanroom behavior (Mary)
- Update wafer transfer procedures (Mahnaz will update Sonar's writeup,
which is attached here.)
- Mahnaz and Uli will oversee All Litho and Hands-on Litho training.
- James has kindly volunteered to oversee the logistics of administering
the first module (wafer/cassette handling, microscopes).

3.  Cross-training matrix:  We all reviewed our equipment repertoire.
The revised file is attached (please let me know if any corrections are

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