Process Staff meeting & December shutdown

Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Nov 11 12:44:38 PST 2002

Hi all --

Let's have a process staff meeting this Wednesday, at noon, in CIS 201.
Dick will be presenting his detailed plan for the holiday shutdown.

I believe it is pretty official (or as official as it gets...)  The
holiday lab shutdown will commence in the morning on Friday, Dec. 20.
Some stations will begin shutdown earlier in the week, but the goal is
to have the lab entirely shutdown by Friday afternoon.  Start-up of the
lab will begin first thing in the morning on Thursday, January 2.  The
plan is to have all the equipment turned on by Friday afternoon.  I
personally think it would be very nice to have the lab operational
(i.e., process qualified enough so that people can start running wafers)
on Monday, Jan. 6.

So, please think about your holiday plans and how they might relate to
the shutdown.  If you're not going to be here for the startup, please
think about contingencies (backup from your fellow process staffers, or
detailed instructions to users) for qualifying your area.  Please think
about specific questions/issues you may have for Dick so that he can
include them in his shutdown plans.  There will also be a lot of work
done in the lab over the shutdown.  There will be some facilities work
which will require that all power to the lab be shut off -- so, please
also think about how and when to set power-down conditions in your
respective areas.  Bring all your questions, ideas, and concerns to the

Pizza as usual --


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