Process Staff Meeting

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Nov 12 17:35:46 PST 2002

Hi all --

Sorry, the process staff meeting will NOT be tomorrow (due to a
bargaining unit meeting at noon).  So, how about next Monday, 11/18, at
12:30 pm (yes, that's 12:30 -- as I am a lucky tour guide for our next
batch of new labmembers!)  Or, next Friday, 11/22, at noon? (Wednesday
is the potluck -- say, did you know that Bob Wheeler is BBQ'ing a
turkey??!!!)  Let me know what works for y'all.  On the agenda:  Dick
will present the shutdown schedule.  We'll need to discuss coverage for
it.  Also on the agenda:  revisit our cross-training matrix.  And
hopefully, we may have some data on training recharges.

Let me know!


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