Eaden Saw

Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Nov 21 17:37:23 PST 2002

Yes, indeedy, she is coming back....  And she does seem genuinely
sincere about doing good this time (I know, I know, we thought so the
last couple of times too...)  This time, however, she will be mentored
by Claudia Richter (crichter) and Dien Nguyen (adnguyen), her coworkers
at Los Gatos Research.  Dien is her boss now and he is aware of Eaden's
status in the lab.  Eaden is not to work in the lab unless Claudia or
Dien are present -- and it's been made clear that Claudia should be her
primary mentor (Dien seems nice and conscientious enough, but has very
little experience at SNF.)  She is trying to schedule training sessions
with some of us process staff -- I'd advise doing the training
one-on-one and spending as much time (and charging her your full time as
well as the equipment time) as needed to make you feel comfortable that
she's going to be using your equipment.  I will follow up with again
Claudia and Dien to make sure they understand this as well.

Thanks for your patience --


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