Process Staff meeting

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Oct 8 17:16:58 PDT 2002

Hi all --

I suggest a process staff meeting for next Monday, at noon.  Will
everyone be here (Nancy, I know you're out)?  We would normally have it
on Wednesday, but I have jury duty starting the 15th so may not be
around.  The agenda items:

1.  Operating procedures and training videos.  We will select the top,
say, 10 processes or procedures that should get the full treatment
(updated operating procedures, training videos, and written tests.)  And
we'll put together a plan to get this underway.

2.  Cleanup.  We have all this wonderful stuff from IDT and no place to
store it.  We should plan a cleanup of basement space (I believe there
are several years' worth of old lab cleanup materials down there) and
any other potential storage space we can think of.  The big campus
cleanup is on Oct. 25.  Anything we can't or don't want to store,
Berkeley will pick up.  The goal is to clean up the dock area so that
Tony will be happy.

3.  Training charges.  Please come with your guess as to how long it
typically takes to train someone at the various stations in your area.
Let's propose a plan for making our training charges more consistent and

Please let me know if Monday works for you -- if not, we can postpone...



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