Tour guides?

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Oct 15 17:57:10 PDT 2002

Hi all --

Moe Badi's gang from Edmonton is visiting here this Thursday, Oct. 17.
I was planning on giving some of them (six) an overview and tour of the
lab -- I think they wanted to go inside the lab, since they're building
one for themselves.  Anyway, it turns out that I do, indeed, need to
report for jury duty tomorrow, and if I'm empaneled, then I'm probably a
lost cause for a couple of days (it's SF municipal court, so if there is
a trial, it probably won't be a long one and probably an amusing one, at
that...) so I'm trawling for one or two people to help with this
tour...  Any volunteers?  (I will owe you a nice lunch!)



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