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Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Sep 30 10:46:00 PDT 2002

Hi all --

How about a process staff meeting, this Wednesday, (10/2) at noon, in
CIS115 (same time, but NOT the same place!)?  The subjects will be:
projected budget for next year and what can we do to help reduce
operating costs.

Also, through Suzanne whose husband works at IDT, we were told that they
were shutting a plant down and might have some 6" stuff to donate to
us...  Well, the first half of the shipment just arrived and it's
fantastic!  There are boxes of really nice bunnysuits, loads of 6"
cassettes w/individual cassette boxes, manual wafer transfer jigs, flat
finders, and who-knows-what-else!  The next shipment is supposed to
contain 6" wafers.  Needless to say, Tony is getting a little frantic
about where to put this stuff.  I could really use some volunteers to
help catalogue what we've been given and repackage it in a way that
makes it more convenient to store.  Help?  No telling exactly when we
need to do this -- Dick and Tony need to find some space to put this
stuff (hopefully soon!) and then we'll be able to figure out how to get
this stuff there in the most convenient way.

Let me know if there are pizza preferences (else it's one veggie, one
meat, one spinach/feta) for Wednesday --


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