SNF REU program - Mike and Jane away

Michael Deal mdeal at
Fri Jul 11 08:07:07 PDT 2003

       As you know, I'll be away from Stanford from Tuesday, July 15 until 
Saturday, July 26.  Jane Edwards will be gone from Friday, July 18 and 
return on Tuesday, July 29.  In that time period that we will both be gone 
(Friday, July 18 until Saturday, July 26), Mary Tang - SNF's process 
manager - has agreed to be a contact person should anything out of the 
ordinary arise regarding the SNF REUers.  Mary's email is 
mtang at, her phone number is 3-9980, and her office is CIS 
136.    I doubt you will have any problems, but if you do, she is 
available.  (Mary: Thanks!)
								-mike deal, snf

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