Process Staff Meeting

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Jul 17 16:23:06 PDT 2003

Hi all --

We're way overdue for a staff meeting...  How's next Wednesday, July 23,
at noon?  Pizza as usual?  How's this for an agenda:

1.  Semicon update.  Process staffers who attended Semicon should be
prepared to give a 5-10 minute update to the rest of us on what you

2.  Training tools (videos, operating procedures, etc.)

3.  SpecMat.  What info do y'all need?  How can we restructure this to
provide us with up-to-date info?

4.  Personal computers.  What our standard configuration should be.
What do we really need for our work.  (If we can standardize,
maintaining them should be easier.)

Let me know if there any any unavoidable schedule conflicts...


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