Nanofab Tours

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Jul 23 09:29:07 PDT 2003

Hi all --

Can I persuade anyone to stay late tomorrow to help give lab tours to
attendees of the MIT/Stanford/Berkeley Nanotech forum?

Anu Tewary (a labmember and student) is one of the organizers for this
forum, which happens monthly.  She asked if we could host tours of the
lab, and I said "fine, in groups of no more than 8 and no more than 3
groups."  As it turns out, 24 people have already signed up!  I can do
the a couple of the tours, but probably won't manage them back-to-back.

And hey, it's worth going to the Nanotech forum, if only for the food...

Let me know --



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