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Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Jun 2 12:11:25 PDT 2003

Bob --

I'm writing this note to summarize our conversation this morning.  As we
discussed, the staff members at SNF have serious concerns about your lab
habits.  There have been repeated complaints about neglecting to log
information at the furnaces and apparent miscommunication between you and
staff members about your use of the furnaces.  Such procedural issues are a
matter of courtesy to others; we are a lab community and  communicating
information is essential to keep the equipment available and running.  Even
more seriously, there has also been a complaint about unsafe use of a wet
bench after hours.  Safety is our primary concern in the lab, and this
complaint requires immediate attention.

For the month of June, your access to the lab is hereby restricted between
the hours of 7 and 7 pm, Monday through Friday.  You are not use the lab
after hours or on weekends.

Please do not regard this restriction as "punishment."  The purpose of this
restriction is to ensure that you are using the lab while there is staff
coverage.  You should take this opportunity to ask staff and other expert
labmembers questions.  You should ask them to check your work or watch you
work.  You should ask them to explain equipment use and even request
re-training in areas that you do not feel comfortable.   The SNF is an
educational insitution, we want you to encourage you to become educated in
safe and courteous use of the lab.

Understand that any known violation of lab or safety procedures and any
failure to adhere to the schedule can and will result in loss of lab
privileges.  This restriction does not address retraining issues, if any,
that are under discussion.  You must address these problems with the
individual staff member concerned.  At the end of the month, we will
reevaluate your lab habits and if everything is acceptable, you will be
allowed full access to the lab.

I am copying the process staff on this email, so that they will be especially
attentive to your questions and helping you this month.


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